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Five Smartphones Celebrities Use

Smartphones have revolutionised the technology market; bringing with it a constant flow of different devices from different manufacturers all with various specs, features, applications and outputs. Making a decision to choose your new smartphone can sometimes be challenging, as you want to make a statement with your

Apple iPhone 5 to hit PH by December 14

iPhone 5 Arrives in South Korea & More Than 50 Additional Countries in December Okay, that’s the headline of the US brand giant Apple when they released the news today that the iPhone 5 will finally hit other market including us here in the Philippines. We already

What’s new with the iPhone 5

The picture you see is the iPhone 5. So what’s new? Hmmm, lets try to enumerate them for you. It is now the big brother of the former iPhones, bigger screen at 4-inches, thinner, thinnest – that is 18% thinner from the previous ones, it is also

Could this be the real iPhone 5?

Up to this date, we can only speculate and enjoy checking rumors about the next iPhone, the iPhone 5 or the new iPhone. While browsing Youtube tonight, I came across this almost close to reality promo video by Tony Stew, which was uploaded three days ago. The

No iPhone 5 folks! Only iPhone 4S

So, are you still waiting for the next iPhone? Still excited for the iPhone 5? Hold your horses, because there could be no iPhone 5 at all. Rumors have been circulating that there will be no big upgrade and the next iPhone will be almost the same