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Globe issues advisory on TEXT Scams

First, Globe made by filing a complaint against Caritas. Read our story here. Today, the telco issued a follow up press release advising its customer not to fall victims of text scams. They advise subscribers of Globe to take precaution and not fall victim to text scams on

Globe partners with NTC to crack down on SMS Spammers

Globe Telecom has launched a campaign to crack down on companies involved in sending unsolicited text advertisements, commonly known as text spam as the telco intensifies campaign against such annoying text messages. The Telco has asked the National Telecommunications Commission to order Caritas Shield Inc. the payment of

And the PH Telco War continues… Smart vs Globe

Today Globe held a press conference to further explain the data released by NTC recently. They had to defend their network and accepted some facts from the Commission. When Samsung released an ad the other day directly mentioning its rival Apple, we were not surprised that Globe

Globe Business rolls out PayrollCloud

Another managed service offering of the Ayala-led Telco is the Payroll Cloud. Globe Business group brings you an automated payroll systems and it is cloud-based. For SME/SMB’s, PAYROLL process is one of the most important part of running your organization, it is also one of the most