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Facebook Messenger will go stand-alone

A break up is inevitable and this is the original plan of Facebook Messenger. It will go stand-alone and does not need Facebook app anymore to use the service.   With Messenger, we’ve been focused on creating the best messaging experience possible by giving people a fun

Facebook: How to turn off game requests

I’m sure you are super pissed off already by how your “Facebook” friends throw game requests daily. Even if they know that you are not the guy that will spend time in Facebook just playing online games. Well, Facebook mobile app has a way of turning off

Facebook now lets you add photos as comment

Have you noticed that Facebook just rolled out new feature again? Facebook now lets you add photo in your comment box. This new feature is now allowed in the browser only. Your Facebook app in your iOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone 8 will have to update

Introducing Hashtags on Facebook #Really? #NowNa #Mema

Something that is not first implemented by Facebook. Something that is copied only from the first platforms who used the feature called hashtag. Hashtag is a word or a phrase with a prefix symbol #, it was first implemented by Twitter. Instagram also uses the feature and

Facebook Vendo Machine

How about Facebook Vendo Machine? Cool or not? Check out this video clip from CNN Money where an actual Facebook vendo machine is discussed. The machine does not dispense bottled drinks, sodas and chocolates but accessories like chargers & keyboard. So next time you left your USB

Consolidate your IM apps

Most of us have more than one IM’s and each of them you download and install in our own PCs.  Your fresh laptop/PC as soon as you start installing different apps becomes slower and slower very soon. How about consolidating your IM’s into just one app which

Yahoo! Messenger with Facebook chat

Yes. The new Yahoo! Messenger version 11.0 lets you chat with your Facebook friends! If you have different list of contacts and still want to get in touch with them via chat in just one application, this is the solution. After scouting for different apps like IMO,

Facebook vs. Twitter – Let the numbers talk

This has been posted a couple of months ago by Digitalsurgeons.com and I thought it would be alright to share this as well. Just to let you know how much the world has been connected via these Social Networking thing. I recall how much Pinoy were “addicted”

Facebook now accept Hi-res photo

In the October 2 entry of Calvin at Pinoytechblog.com, he featured Facebook’s support for Hi-Resolution photo as a new feature in adding pictures in Facebook. It took us a little while to experience if it really works. Its just now that I saw the option while I

The Social Network, exclusive!

Nuffnang and MyPLDT DSL bring you, The Social Network. The Social Network is a movie about the founding of the hottest Internet social networking website Facebook. The film was directed by David Fincher and features an ensemble cast—Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song, Max Minghella,

FREE Facebook access by SunCelluar

So you want FREE Facebook access? If you have SunCelluar sim card then by all means you can access Facebook for FREE. Its another value-add service of the first Mobile provider who offered Unlimited Texting! Just a few quick facts before you get so much excited: This