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Samsung Punch, Price and Availability

  Last week I saw an ad in the newspaper about the new dual-sim of Samsung, I thought it was cool and very simple; and yes for a cheap price of less than P6k only. The ad even says its available for only P5,199.00 – but wait,

My second dual-sim phone, now a touchscreen model

I finally retired my dual-sim phone, the candybar-type Samsung C5212. It served me for almost a year; it served its purpose  for me – a fully working dual-sim card phone. Before I gave it up, I scouted for the next candidate. I was trying to think about

Is it time to replace my Samsung C5212?

Ever since dual-sim phones were  introduced, I became a loyal fan. Basically because, I hate carrying a lot of phones in my pocket. I just like to carry just one. But, I’m not turning my back  if an iPhone 4 will be given to me for free.

Nokia’s dual-sim phones

Nokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer finally joined the dual-sim arena. Two new models will be available very soon at your favorite dealers and stores. The phones are entry-level phones, meaning its very cheap – it won’t hurt your pockets. It is expected to be priced at