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Viber celebrates 8M Pinoy subs; outs Viber 4.1 | DigitalSpidey.com

Viber celebrates 8M Pinoy subs; outs Viber 4.1

Viber is now 3 years old! That deserves a happy birthday greetings! More than that, Viber CEO Talmon Marco and his PH team is celebrating its 8 millions Pinoy subscribers!

Remember when Viber rolled out Viber Out and helped the Yolanda/Haiyan victims by offering Viber Out for free? Read our story here.


The IM that has kept to be low profile has already 8 millions Filipino subscribers and users still enjoys an advertisement-free app, plus the IM is available in almost all platforms available – from select Symbian phones, to Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS to the desktop version!

The app started three years ago in Israel is just like its CEO that remains to be low profile, Viber started as a project and tested by six circle of friends of Marco. It was then shared later and became viral worldwide. There is one funny story shared by Marco in the roundtable discussion yesterday, he said, he wanted to release it in Israel only, a non-English speaking country. So that, if ever the app fails, nobody in the world will notice. The opposite to his fears, the app is now used by more than 200 millions since it public launch in December 2010.

Viber CEO with PH bloggers

Viber 4.1 is out.
Alongside with the Viber CEO’s visit to the Philippines, the app launches version 4.1 with Viber Out and Sticker Market. It is only today, after three years that the IM app is monetizing its services. While Viber to Viber call is still free, user can now call any mobile or landline phone number worldwide on a low-cast fee.

For as low as USD1.9cents per minute or PhP7.9, Viber user in the Philippines can call landline or mobile phone now. Buying credits for Viber out can be completed through a simple in-app purchased via Google Play, Apple App Store or via credit card or Paypal for Viber Desktop.

Viber is headquartered in Cyprus and has several offices across the globe. Back in Manila, Viber has a local office headed by Country Manager Crystal Lee.

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