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Play #DrakenSangFX RPG via #Friendster now! | DigitalSpidey.com

Play #DrakenSangFX RPG via #Friendster now!

Now in the Philippines via Friendster! Yup, the first social media network turned gaming portable Friendster is bringing Drakensang to the Philippine market!


Radon Labs, producer of games which was later on bought by Bigpoint, a German video game developer, creator of stand alone and browser-based games including social media network games.

Darkensang Online FX is currently on open-beta stage, but the award-winning RPG (role playing game) is now available to play for free on Friendster.

drakensang_digitalspidey drakensang_ph_digitalspidey

Excited to play now? Check this out, DrakensangFX currently has 8 archtypes, 39 skills, 108 talents, 12 pets, 20+ mounts, 85 maps, 500+ monsters, 700+ quests, and tons of items!

Still coming soon to Drakengsang: New gameplay with 13 new unique skills, 36 new talents and lots of equipment, items, and possibilities. This was revealed by Wolfgang Siebert, Lead Project Manager of Drakensang.

Some stats.
Currently, Drakensang has 20 millions registered users worldwide, and this game has been released worldwide. Accodring to Siebert, the game is very popular in Eastern Europe, in countries like Germany, Poland, Russia, Brazil, including the US.

It is worth mentioning too that the first Fan site of Drankensang is from the Philippines.

Playing can be done via the browser, the only requirement is a Java (version 7.25 is required) updated engine. You can optionally  download the installer of the game from the Friendster website (http://www.friendster.com/games/drakensang) to enjoy exclusive gaming experience via the console.

Drakensang Online FX is now ready for gamers in the Philppines, Malaysia and Singapore.


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