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LG Inverter Linear Side by Side Refrigerator, Cools Even Your Pocket! | DigitalSpidey.com

LG Inverter Linear Side by Side Refrigerator, Cools Even Your Pocket!

What is our home appliance that is almost always running 24/7 in our houses? Most probably, our answer would our refrigerator.

Especially in the scorching heat nowadays, that’s one appliance that we can’t afford not to have. However, due to the rising energy cost, it can burn a hole in our pockets.

The refreshing news is that LG Electronics recently boosts its line-up of energy efficient home appliances with the launch of its new LG Inverter Linear Side by Side Refrigerator. Our energy consumption would be greatly reduced by as much as 16% with its unique smart design dubbed as Door in Door (DID).

LG Side by Side Inveter Ref
Frequent opening of the typical refrigerator door leaks cold air out. Thus, its motor had to work harder to catch up with the lost cold temperature. That results to a higher energy bill. The new DID feature gives quick and easy access to grab that ice-cold cola without much cold air escape. Your drinks would be located in the outer door while the other food items are behind the inner door. It’s like having two refrigerators in one. And we haven’t even included the freezer. Yes, frequent trips to the refrigerator are now made more energy efficient. In addition to that, its Easy Handle makes it easy for our kids to gently open its door without the need to jar it open.

Usually, we put ice trays in the freezer along with frozen meat and other food items. Such exposes the ice cubes to bacteria that may get into our drinks. But the LG Inverter Linear Side by Side Refrigerator comes with a premium water and ice dispenser on the door. The dispenser can also be removed to increase more space in our freezer.

And speaking of bacteria, LG upped the freshness ante through its unique Hygiene Fresh feature. One light press on its Touch LED Digital Display (conveniently located on its door) activates its 4-step filtration system, enhancing inner air circulation and eliminating food-spoiling bacteria plus foul odors, dust and fungi as well. Its filter system wipes out up to 99.99% of bacteria within 15 minutes. (Yes, it can also greatly reduce the pungent smell of durian or the strong smell of kimchi.) So, there’s no need for the lowly “uling” (charcoal) on a bowl or baking soda to make the refrigerator smell fresh.

As if the DID is not enough with its 16% reduction in energy consumption, the LG refrigerator boasts of its Inverter Linear Compressor that prevents mechanical loss by using only one friction point driving the piston. (By comparison, a conventional compressor grinds on four friction points.) Thus, this core technology makes the LG refrigerator to work quietly with less vibration. It also ensures a steady temperature, keeping stored food products fresh and safe for consumption for a longer period. Thus, Sheryl Tayag, product manager of LG Electronics Home Appliances, can proudly declare, “Our LG Inverter Linear Side By Side refrigerators are such powerful machines and yet they are 41 percent more energy-efficient than conventional models. So with our Smart appliances, not only are you gentle on the environment, you also get substantial energy savings.” What’s even impressive is that a 10-year warranty backs up its durable motor.

So, there’s no need to endure the searing hot summer. Enjoy it with the LG Inverter Linear Side By Side refrigerators. It cools even our pockets.

Suggested Retail Price: P144,995 (for GR-J277WSBN Model, 26 CU. FT)

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