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Globe Telecoms launches iPhone5, with irresistible value-adds! | DigitalSpidey.com

Globe Telecoms launches iPhone5, with irresistible value-adds!

Globe Telecoms officially launches the much-awaited latest phone from Apple, the iPhone 5.

We spotted this lady rushing back to her car carrying two bags with iPhone 5 on that day the phone was launched.

Globe subscribers can get the iPhone 5 for as low as P1,799 monthly – this will be under Unli Surf Plan 999 with monthly cash out of P800. You gotta have your credit card ready for this. But if you have cash on hand, and you are willing to pay at least P4,800 you can get the iPhone under Unli Surf Plan 1799. Or get it FREE starting at Plan 2,499!

Peter Bithos and Gil Genio, both Globe top executives during the official press conference held at the Dusit Hotel in Makati is seen the picture above. Bithos said, they want Globe subscribers to experience a total end to end customer experience beginning with iPhone 5.

Here are top five reasons why you should get iPhone 5 from Globe.

  1. Reset Plan – if you are still under the 24-month lock in period but eager to get the iPhone 5, they offer reset plan. You still have to pay premium called the reset fee, but you get your iPhone 5!
  2. Insurance – Globe came up with a (bundled) insurance for every postpaid subscription called Gadget Care. When you purchase iPhone 5 from Globe postpaid, you get free four months insurance! Nice! Check the Gadget Care details in this link.
  3. Free GCASH AMEX – Globe has been innovating and expanding its services as a telco, few months ago they launched GCASH AMEX Virtual Card, this facility allows Pinoy geeks to shop online in the US without having to worry about shipping the items to the Philippines. And when you get iPhone5 from Globe, you also get one year free subscription from GCash Amex! Now, that’s awesome! The Gcash AMEX link is right here.
  4. iPhone 5 is FREE! If your mobile consumption is more than P2,000 monthly consider upgrading your plan to UnliSurf 2,499. You get a free iPhone there, plus unlimited mobile internet and more!
  5.  It is the iPhone 5 ! “nuff said!
On top of these value-added services from Globe, subscribers can take advantage of the new telco’s modernize network which is according to Bithos is already 80% completion to date.
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