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Free Vouchers! Free Delivery! Shopaholics goes online! | DigitalSpidey.com

Free Vouchers! Free Delivery! Shopaholics goes online!

Due to my busy and over flowing work schedule as Senior IT consultant for a top IT vendor in the country, I really don’t have a lot of time to spend for haggling just to get my cool sneakers, funky shirts, or trendy gadgets.  One time while browsing my Facebook page, I’ve noticed a small ad about “PHP 250 voucher upon sign up”. Who wouldn’t want 50% off for my 500php item? So out of curiosity I click it, then I met ZALORA. Zalora, is a one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. They offer branded shoes, bags, clothes and accessories for Men, Women and Kids.

On the other side of the world, I met Lazada for techie guys like me. They have the latest, coolest and wide selection of smart phones, tablets, cameras and electronic appliances.

A lot of us are skeptical when we say online shopping, cause of unsure security, product quality, doubtful terms and services and the total buying experience. As a Filipino it’s in our custom and tradition to ask “tawad”, asking for a lower deal on our items every time we go shopping on malls and supermarkets. Of course we can’t do it in web shopping. That’s why some of the online stores have special discounts, promos and freebies to catch their customers. Here, the buyers no need to ask for “tawad”, because it’s already being offered by the seller.

Shopping Online is Safe and Fun!
So why online shopping? The trend nowadays is on the go, everyone has smartphones, tablets that can connect online anytime, anywhere and do their window shopping save it to their wish list and purchase it later on. I used to do that while having my lunch. Very easy, time efficient and really cool! You can even buy a gift in the middle of the night while in your night suit. This is the convenience.  However, if you would like to feel the material that was used and try it on, this will be a low side – you cannot do it, unless you know your measurements and sizes.

How do we pay on a virtual store like Zalora and Lazada? Im sure you have your credit card, or probably Paypal – these are the commonly used payment facilities by the the online store. But, who cares if you dont have credit card, COD is always an option!   Actually I was convinced to purchase my first item from Zalora because of COD. I am very averse type of person especially when it comes to buying something that I haven’t touch or seen yet, I’m sure a lot of us have the same point of view.

Then the “what ifs”.
What if I purchased a shirt and it doesn’t fit me? What if the shoe lace is shorter that the other one? What if my order doesn’t arrive? I’m sure that they accept returns within 30 days after you receive your goods. It’s a mandatory that all online stores to have Return Policy. Delivery usually takes 1-2 business days, depending on your location.
I admit I’m an impulsive buyer. Sometimes I can’t say no especially if the sales person is a well-trained up seller. So I see this as an advantage for me to limit my expenses on things that I don’t require. And to get rid of awkward feeling by those eager sales person! Top Internet shops are Amazon.com started in 1995 and Ebay.com followed in 1996.

After that curiosity, reluctance and skepticism, now I have my shoe rack loaded with stylish sneakers and an array of shirts from casual to formal.

By the way, you can also do international shopping by simply using Globe’s GCASH – check Spidey’s article here.

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