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LG outs 84-inch UHD 3D TV | DigitalSpidey.com

LG outs 84-inch UHD 3D TV

Immersive Impressive!

I imagine myself sitting in my living room with nothing but my recliner and the award winning,  with a real huge  84-inch Ultra HD 3D TV by LG Home Entertainment!

For somebody like me who loves to watch great battle scenes (be it the breathtaking war against the alien invaders in Avengers, the grand fight scenes in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or simply the bloody opening assault scene of Saving Private Ryan) and dizzying car chases (like the adrenaline-rush Fast and the Furious series or the classic, no-nonsense The Rock), this UHD 3D TV really delivers as promised… “a totally immersive viewing experience.”

It’s gargantuan screen boasts “as the industry’s best video display.” It’s not just the mere size of its huge screen. (Otherwise, I would just use any DLP projector, position it some distance away from the projection screen and label it as home entertainment. But, that would be cheating myself.) It has a bright, highly detailed screen resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is times four the resolution of other LED HDTVs or from full 1080p HD resolution to a massive 8 million pixels. Thus, through its LG Resolution Upscaler Plus, this massive TV assures “lifelike, dramatic, and pin sharp images.” I like how the comfy, flicker-free, 3D glasses fit over my eyeglasses so that I don’t need to wear contacts while watching.

Whether it’s a panoramic shot of the vast Himalayas mountain range or up-close-and-personal clown fish shots, its images are “incredibly vivid and crisp.” No wonder the LG 84” UHD 3D TV won the esteemed 2013 International CES Innovations Awards plus the “Best of Innovations” honor in the Video Display category. Of course, to maximize one’s viewing experience, one has to use Blu-Ray movies. But even on the 2D mode (you can easily toggle from 2D to 3D and back through its voice-operated Magic Remote), it conveys sharp and colorful images.

Simply put, you would actually forget you’re just watching TV. You would actually end up thinking that you’re one of the casts of the movie yourself. It makes you feel you’re there in the scene itself. With its 3D Depth Control, you could customize your theatric viewing experience and fine-tune “distances” between near and far objects on the screen. While viewing a Western Cowboy movie, you would be on the saddle and experience the neck-and-neck race.

Then, with its 3D Zooming feature (that analyzes the location and movements of on-screen things, creating sounds accordingly) plus its 2.2 Speaker System (two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers), you would actually hear the whizzing of the arrows passing you by as the Indians from the camp you are laying siege retaliates with a barrage of arrows, spears and blow darts. For me who loves to watch with the volume in full, booming blast, that’s “a lush audio experience.”

It’s not simply a home theater. It’s your personal iMax! LG 84” Ultra HD TV 3D TV is truly immersive impressive!

The LG 94-inch Ultra HD 3D TV will not come cheap, but should you like to shell out a little huge amount, it is now available in Ansons Makati for the price of P849,990.

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