Four Advantages of Shopping Online using a BDO Credit Card

The Digital Age is undeniably upon us. Most Pinoys (if not all!) have smartphones. Some even have multiple units, not to mention tablets. Because of this, internet browsing has become a part of our daily routine, be it for surfing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, paying bills electronically and my personal favorite, online shopping!

Having a credit card – a BDO Credit Card to be exact – is one of the most convenient ways to shop, both online and offline. Most people indulge in ‘hybrid shopping’, which simply means searching for items to purchase online then paying for the items offline. Hybrid shopping has its perks… it allows the buyer to scan through product reviews and compare prices online first (most especially for gadgets) before heading to the mall to complete the purchase.

But doing so actually defeats the entire concept of online shopping. So, why not just shop and pay purely online? I swear by it, it’s totally safe and very convenient!

Let me just share with you the advantages of shopping online –

1. CONVENIENCE. First up, you do away with extra and unnecessary expenses. No need to pay for gas and parking or taxi fare if you’re commuting. Also, no more lining up in the counter to pay for your purchases. Goodbye queues! And when you go to the mall, there will surely be side trips to restos (to refuel after shopping) and other stores where you will buy stuff that you do not intend to buy (particulary during sale season). So, convenience of online shopping – check.
2. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS. Admit it, just like me, most of you are suckers for discounts. You scour for items with discounts and marked down rates. With a BDO Credit Card, no need to ask for it – you get automatic discounts at select establishments. That could be a discount on top of the already discounted rates! Amazing, right?
3. EXCLUSIVE DEALS. You like to be treated like a VIP, right? With your BDO Credit Card, you will feel like a VIP with their exclusive and special offers intended for BDO Credit Cardholders only. Not everyone is entitled to the perks… just the select base of BDO Credit Cardholders!

4. TREATS. Who does not like free items? When you use your BDO Credit Card online, you can get free SM Cinema movie vouchers. When the keyword is FREE, surely nobody will say no.


On a more personal note, I just want to share that I have shopped online countless times using my BDO Visa Credit Card. I use it to buy airline tickets online for my local and international travels. I’ve also used it to buy stuff from other online shops. I haven’t encountered any problems… as I’ve mentioned, it is totally safe and most of all very convenient.

But remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Take note that the most important safety factor when shopping online is to ensure that the website is legitimate – buy from reputable online stores and sellers only. Another useful tip is to refrain from shopping online in public places such as internet cafes. I highly suggest you do it at home where you have control over who can access your files and possibly check your browser history.

Keep in mind that online shopping is easy and hassle-free with a BDO Credit Card. If you haven’t, go try it now!

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