Spending Holy Week in Makati City

I decided not to drive outside of the metro this Holy Week. I just stayed home – to update a lot of pending articles. That was the intention. And I would like to see how is Makati City, the busiest city look like during Holy Week.

I got excited to see the streets of the city without so many cars, no traffic enforcers and almost no pedestrians.

But I forgot to go out on Friday where there are no people actually on the streets to celebrate the Good Friday. But I went out next day around 5PM and started taking photos from our street and going to Ayala Avenue.

From our street here are some photos which shows almost no cars driving around.

Can anybody recognize this street? Here’s another one going out of our place.

The next corner, I find it so dramatic without cars actually. It is usually bumper to bumper every day at any give time of the day. Check this out.

This is VA Rufino (former Herrera) corner Salcedo streets in Legaspi Village.

I walk farther towards the direction of Ayala Avenue and here are the scenario. It is not a busy city after all. You will feel good walking around without the honks and roaring engines plus the whistles of the traffic enforcers here.

This photo above is dela Rosa street and Salcedo Street where Makati Medical Center is located, that building is Jacinto Building. The following photos shows Ayala Avenue almost empty of traffic. No traffic lights, no MMDA.

So, was it boring to stay in Makati during Holy Week? It depends on how you view it.. to me, it was awesome. The city becomes so silent, no noise pollution, no corrupt traffic enforcers, and you can walk and exercise without inhaling smokes from the vehicles. And it was more cool to take photos of the roads without the cars.

  • http://badladz.com/ John

    I was in Puerto Galera during holy week, and TONS of people came here. But I wondered what the city would be like. Looks like a ghost town! I think I’m with you – I would have loved hanging out there, especially with no cars, pollution, etc. Great photos!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406007751 Agreacia

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  • http://www.wayph.com/ Tom,

    Looks like a ghost town! Will try this one also maybe next year. I spent my holy week for almost 8 years on the beach and in our native province.

    Just won’ring why those traffic lights are still working without any cars. Is it automated?

    • Spidey

      I guess it is automated.. You should try spending the week in Edsa. Next year I want to shoot the Guadalupe bridge..