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Samsung PH launches new Smart TV – ES8000 and ES75000 | DigitalSpidey.com

Samsung PH launches new Smart TV – ES8000 and ES75000

Have you ever imagined a Television set that recognize voice command? Well brace yourself for the next high tech TV of Samsung got this intelligence already. Your basic command would be “Hi TV!”, from there you can now change channel, open social media sites, Youtube and many more.

Recently Samsung Philippines launched ES8000 and ES75000, a Smart TV series that is so technologically advanced. Smart TV’s have been around for a while but this new model will have improved features like control of apps via Motion Control, Voice Control and Face Recognition.

Samsung Smart TVs are no longer your ordinary TVs, it has now dual-core processors which allow the TV to operate in multi-tasking environments. Samsung Smart Hub will let you do multi-task activities like accessing your Facebook and Youtube while using or downloading multiple apps simultaneously.

Samsung ES8000 and ES75000 are future proof, you don’t need to worry about upgrading it since it has the Evolution Kit which you use for future upgrade according to Samsung. The TV has built-in front camera for face recognition, a cool new feature for apps like Skype or Facebook voice call feature.

Each person in the house can create a profile in the TV so that a set of apps can be loaded via Face Recognition once that persons login to the SmartTV.

Just just a high tech TV but there’s more, Samsung also offers streamed video content like shows & educational programs from the web to their Smart TVs. And, how about if you buy their Bluray players and Smart TVs, you get a complimentary pass to their Blupass service – which basically allows you to rent Bluray movies and have them delivered to your doorstep for free, enjoy this privilege for six months.

In summary Samsung Smart TV’s new features includes:

  • Smart Interaction – Launch and use apps more easily through Motion Control, Voice Control and Face Recognition.
  • Smart Content – Share photos, memories and memos with family from the TV to the cloud to smart devices, manage your own health directly from the TV, and access educational content for kids. The industry’s broadest offering of movies, TV shows and streaming videos can be enjoyed via Samsung Apps, the industry’s preferred TV apps platform, and Samsung Media Hub. Samsung Smart Hub offers true multi-tasking – surf the web while using or downloading multiple apps simultaneously.
  • Smart Evolution – Select Samsung TVs in 2012 will allow consumers to enjoy new experiences as their TV is ‘reborn’ each year with the latest smart technology, simply by installing kits.

ES8000 is a plasma TV and ES7500 is an LED TV. Prices are still TBD but we are guessing that you will have to pay more or less P300k for these Smart TVs.


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