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Intel launched the 3rd gen of quad-core processors that will blow your mind | DigitalSpidey.com

Intel launched the 3rd gen of quad-core processors that will blow your mind

The best just surpassed itself! Intel Corporation recently (April 23) indtroduced the 3rd generation of the quad-core Intel Core processor family. Expect the best (the word better will be an understatement) dramatic visual and performance computing power for gamers, media enthusiasts and also for not-so-enthusiastic users.

The processor prides itself by being the very first chips that was made using Intel’s 22nm (nanometer) 3-D tri-Gate transistor technology. The integration of Intel’s 3-D tri-gate transistor technology and better architectural enhancements helped to double the performance of the 3-D graphics and HD media processing compared with the previous generations of Intel’s chips. As a result of the stunning built-in visual performance and astounding processing enhancement, common tasks frequently done in computers today such as editing videos, watching HD movies or playing high-end games, are quicker, crisper and more life-like.

In the coming months, new versions of the 3rd Generation Intel Core processors are to be expected to be made available to power the increasing demand of system users ranging from Ultrabook devices, to servers and other intelligent systems in other industries.

“The 3rd generation Intel Core processors were created from the ground up to generate exciting new experiences,” said Kirk Skaugen, Intel’s vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group. “Our engineers have exceeded our expectations by doubling the performance of media and graphics versus the best processors we’ve built until today, which means incredible new visual experiences are here for new all-in-one PCs and upcoming Ultrabook devices. What makes all this possible is the combination of Intel’s leading manufacturing and processor architecture, and our unwavering commitment to drive computing innovations forward.”

Systems powered by quad-core 3rd generation Intel Core processor will be available beginning this month from leading system makers. Boxed versions of these processors will also be available this month from online, retail and channel resellers. Additional versions of the 3rd generation Intel Core processor products will be available later this year.

Core Features:
The 3rd generation Intel Core processor is equipped with the Intel HD Graphics 4000. It delivers up to two times better 3-D graphics performance compared to the previous-generation processor, bringing more visual fun with crisper detail at higher resolutions.

It also includes the Intel Quick Sync Video 2.0 technology. With this feat, people can convert their videos up to two times faster than last year’s processors and up to 23 times faster than PCs just three years old.

Platforms powered by the 3rd generation Intel Core processors also deliver faster data transfer capabilities made possible by integration of USB 3.0 into the Series 7 Platform Controller Hub (PCH) and PCI Express 3.0 integrated into the processor

The 3rd generation Intel Core processor also adds security features, including Intel Secure Key and Intel OS Guard to safeguard personal data and avoid identity theft.

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