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Genius Intros Touch Pen 100 Series | DigitalSpidey.com

Genius Intros Touch Pen 100 Series

Annoyed by the irritating thumb marks and/or scratches from styluses into your precious touch screen gadgets? Genius introduced the new Touch Pen 100 Series. The series includes a set of high quality 7mm stylus pens that is compatible for all capacitive touch screens. The design helps prevent markings and scratches on the screen with its soft, flexible and durable stylus tip.

The Touch Pen 100 Series provides lab certified durable replaceable pen tip that can tap for almost 500,000 times (SGS certified). It is highly sensitive and precise in any condition and it makes it easier to write, sketch, tap and even play games at any angle for extensive hours. It also looks good with the classy look that the barrel design and classic colors offers and you can carry it with ease anytime, anywhere by the embedded pen clip.

The Touch Pen 100 series includes three models, the 100S, 100M and 100L. The 100S boast its slim and compact design and variety by having a choice of 2 colors. The 100M model, on the other hand, has a design with a retractable ballpoint pen and pen cap that can be used on either end. The 100L model has a more stylish design. Its size is only as small as a normal lipstick tube and includes a pen cap that can extend the length of the pen.

Overall, the Genius Touch Pen 100 series is a quality and durable pen that offers a neat design, suitable for your particular and demanding taste. It retails at an affordable price of Php570 for the 100S model, Php850 for the 100M and Php950 for the 100L. The price is pretty cheap compared to replacing your scratched touch screens.

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