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Globe Telecoms intros cloud computing service; partners with MorphLabs USA | DigitalSpidey.com

Globe Telecoms intros cloud computing service; partners with MorphLabs USA

Globe Telecom is going beyond its Telco business by offering managed service solutions. With its intro of cloud services last year, Globe this year completes its cloud offering by introducing DIS – Dynamic Infrastructure Services. It is said to be the first ever high tech cloud solutions in the Philippines.

Globe in partnership with MorphLabs, a Filipino company based in the US is launching Dynamic Infrastructure Services. Available effective immediately, this cloud service will provide tools needed to create, maintain and support programs and applications in your own network.

Gone are the days that companies must invest to build their own infrastructure, acquire and build their own data centers, hire lots of manpower to handle the data center operations. Globe DIS is a managed services offered for companies to build their own private cloud.

Under the hood of this cloud services provided by MorphLabs are hardware with hyperscale computing, base config includes 12 core servers, 5TB of storage on SSD which can house up to 30 virtual machines.

In the live demo conducted by Winston Damarillo, we were showed the typical server versus the hyperscale hardware. A simple query was made with 5 million search query in the database, the legacy server did it within 412ms while the server used for DIS made it for only 12 milliseconds. A complex query resulted a 425millisecond on the “old” infra while the hyperscale machine did it for 175milliseconds only.

So what is under the hood of this DIS? A Dell PowerEdge Z series servers, SSD storage by Samsung, and a switch by Arista.

Would be customers does not need to shell out huge cash from their Capex since this service will Opex model. Globe DIS is for companies who require dynamic provisioning of a private and dedicated cloud infra solution without increasing IT expenditure. The service is subscribed on a monthly basis with both hardware and software components. Customers may opt to house the infra in their own data center or take the default setup which is hosted at Globe Telecoms data center. A 24/7 support is also assured by Globe.

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