How to make Balance Inquiry for Prepaid phones in the Philippines

I am both a Prepaid and Postpaid subscriber. I have both Globe postpaid and a Sun prepaid. My Sun Cellular prepaid SIM is loaded with P15o load every month which has 4 hours of free voice calls and Unlimited SMS to all SUN subscribers.

SUN prepaid reminds me two days before the load expires, by that time I need to re-load it so that I can continue enjoying my Unlimited SMS, unused voice calls will be carried to the next cycle. If you missed it your counter resets to zero.

But I always am in trouble whenever I want to check my current balance. I keep asking my friends how to check the balance in my Prepaid SIM. I thought this post might help all Prepaid subscribers.

Anyway, I gathered all Balance Inquiry procedure for all networks in the Philippines. This is for all Prepaid Subscribers.




Type ?1515and send to 214, ORDial 1515 + SEND Type *221#then Press SEND, ORDial 221 then Press SEND Dial 222then press call (Charge is P1.00), ORText BAL send to 222 (Free)


These are the major Prepaid network in the Philippines. I have yet to update this for Talk N’ Text, Touch Mobile and Red Mobile as well.

Way back I also have written about Philippine’s Mobile Prefixes.

Update: Here are the rest of the Prepaid operators.




Type ?15001 or ?15005  Send to 214, OR15001 Press CALL or SEND Type 999, Send to 9939 Dial 802 and press CALL (Charge is P1.0), ORdial *102#, and press CALL, an SMS will be sent to you containing your balance


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