Haima Cars, a high quality China Cars

We recently hit the North Luzon Expressway for a short trip to Pampanga to check out some local food and also to test drive the 2011 Kia Picanto. But the latter are all the side trip so to speak.

We specifically went to Pampanga to check out this China cars by Haima. It has been there for a little while in Pampanga, silently hitting the North Luzon market and recently they launched seven (7) new cars.

At first look you will be mistaken of their cars as a Mazda clone, but when we sat down with Erwin Galang, Haima’s Business Dev’t Officer we were educated more about the cars. Haima is a licensed Mazda design, and funny as it may sound it was name after a city in China where Haima plant is located – Hainan City, and since it they had partnership with Mazda the name Haima was born. :)

Haima Cars is distributed by the Laus Group who is likewise the same team who run Ford, BMW, Subaru, Mazda, Kia, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Hyundai, & Mitsubishi Cars in Pampamga. In short, they own most of the car dealerships in that area.

Recently, they launched seven new models in the Philippines – from their low end series which according to Erwin Galang, Business Development Officer of Haima Philippines – the FStar series. The FStar series comes in two variants – Haima Tunda and Haima Hunda.

FStar Series – Tenda & Hunda



Practical MT PHP 489,000.00 Deluxe MT PHP 489,000.00
Deluxe AT PHP 529,000.00 Discount: P30,000.00


Haima 1 & 2
There are two sub-compact series too – Haima 1 and Haima 2, the latter is a look alike of Mazda 2. These are the mini-cars. Haima 1 is available at 1.0L engine, Manual Transmission while Haima 2 is the sporty type.

Haima 1

Haima 2

Standard MT PHP 409,000.00 GLS C-Sports PHP 649,000.00
Deluxe AT PHP 479,000.00 Discount: P30k for Haima 1, P50k for Haima2

Haima 3 & 7
Haima 3 is the Ford Lynx look-alike upgraded version. Uses a BOSCH engine management system, 3H high-rigidity body that provide maximum protection for passengers. 1.6L DOHC VVT Euro IV with max power of 120hp/6000. Max torque of 158nM/4500rpm, 6 adjustable driver seat; 4 plus 2 decent speakers, USB port, MP3, immobilizer and central lock system, high end model comes with sunroof, EBD + 8.1 ABS & Power Steering.

Haima 7 on the other hand is Maza Tribute look-alike. Equipped with HA-VVT 2.0 engine, with max power of 150hp/6000rpm and Max torque of 180Nm/4500rpm. Light-weight body with new BAS (Break Assist System), a Euro IV compliant vehicle too.

Haima 3

Haima 7

GLX MT PHP 699,000.00 Comfort MT PHP 849,000.00
SDX AT PHP 849,000.00 Deluxe MT PHP 889,000.00

Discount: PHP 50k

Freema is the wagon series; a 7-seater MPV Sedan with 1.6 and 1.8L engine of choice; DOCH VVT Euro IV compliant. The best car for moms! You can load up grocery items at the back, it has enough space.


GLX7 MT PHP 749,000.00 SDX7 AT PHP 879,000.00

Discount: PHP 50k

Overall the Haima Cars are impressive cars, if you do not know that these are made in China you will not notice it. It comes with high quality standard, the finish is at par with the Japanese and Korean made cars. Ride and handling are smooth. Fuel consumption were not either confirmed nor denied by the rep; however I guess it all depends on your driving style. We were told that the FStar series are selling like hotcake in the region. We had a chance to test drive Haima 7 and Freema for a little while. Both rides decently, again I will stress that if you do not know that these are Made in China; you will never notice. Haima 7 high end series are all leather seats with sunroof, the controls are tightly installed, the interiors are made of high quality leathers. I did not notice the tires, but I’m pretty sure this are China-made also.

The Haima Cars according to Erwin Galang will make a big launch next year, a nationwide launch. Haima is available in their branches in Pampanga, Urdaneta, Calasiao, Dau and Baguio.


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