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The FordFiesta 2010 Experience | DigitalSpidey.com

The FordFiesta 2010 Experience

Recently, Calvin and the team were granted to test drive the 2010 Ford Fiesta; the Sedan model which is a 1.4L sub-compact car, manual transmission.

The car is petite, fast and very easy to drive! Well, let us tell you a little story about this cutie which I though is designed really for Asian market. This sub-compact car of Ford was launched in August last year. There are two models available locally, the Sedan model which comes in 1.4L and 1.6L manual and automatic and the Hatchback with the same variants – manual and automatic, 1.4L and 1.6L. The Hatchback AT Sport series is the high end model among the Fiestas.

The Ford Fiesta is the competing model for the likes of Hyundai Getz, i10; Honda Jazz, Suzuki Celerio & Swift, Mazda 2, Chevrolet Aveo and few other more.

The Fiesta is sleek and fast, very easy to drive specially if you are an frequent motorist in the city. I bet this can be recommended for students and for ladies.


The ride can be compared to a typical sedan, at first when it was delivered to us I thought it was similar to the ride of a Nissan Sentra, suspension was a little bit of rough but after adjusting the tire’s air pressure to 28psi, (it was 32 when delivered to us) the experience became different.

There are few points I noticed though and I’d like to share it so that before you guys decide buying this baby.


  • The car seat is really small. That’s why I said that this can be a great car for students; for ladies also because of its manageability.
  • The automatic switch for the windows which is located in the left side of the arm rest is not ergonomically installed. For a typical 5footer and above, you need to adjust your hand backwards in order to access the switch. In other cars that we have tested while your arm is rested, the switches lies exactly where your fingers are.
  • If you are used to the likes of Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi brands, this model introduces a different layout in the dashboard and the switches – the central lock is located below the audio system, the headlight switch is installed separately in the dashboard which is used to be incorporated in the light switch below the steering wheel.


If you go to office or school in Metro Manila everyday, this will be a very wonderful car for you. Parking will never be your problem anymore, maneuvers, U-turns and taking the small streets will be very easy with this car. Fuel consumption was not tested though, but we are hoping to test tive the Hatchback with the same engine and we will update this post. However Tsikot forum users report that the most economic highway consumption is at 13km/lt and the city drive varies from 11km/l to 7km/l. All of these will depend on your driving lifestyle though.

Price is not cheap too, the high end model comes at P800++k and low end model starts at P600++k.  Don’t forget that you still have to add your LTO registration from that cost and your insurance.

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