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Requirements in owning a gun | DigitalSpidey.com

Requirements in owning a gun

So anybody of you has a gun for personal use or security purposes? Are you a practical shooter? Or you want to own a gun in the future as your new hobby. Owning a gun in the Philippines requires a license. Otherwise you be an illegal owner and you can be behind bars if you are caught possessing illegal firearm. There are several documentary requirements, identification cards and the like that you need to comply before you can own a gun or a firearm in general.

I have a friend who is into practical shooting all his life. Just like how Yuga pushed me to blog since iBlog1, this friend of mine kept on encouraging me to join him into his practical shooting hobby. Endlessly I would turn him down because I know it will cost me some big bucks in the long run. I suppose it is compared to buying a car – you initially get a stock model and you start adding accessories and endlessly modifying it. Owning a firearm is just similar, plus if you start visiting the firing range on a weekly basis you will not stop on your 10th bullet and go home.

Anyway, there are several documents that you need to prepare in order for you to be legal owner of a gun in the Philippines.

How and where? Try visiting the local gun stores – you will find them in malls, some in old establishment like the Makati Cinema Square in Pasong Tamo.

Usually they will give you a checklist of what you need to prepare and submit, and if you are lucky they will even offer you to some legworks for you.

Here are the list of requirements.

1. Colored pictures – 7pcs 2×2, 1pc 1×1 Note: Men in service must be in uniform, picture must be colored with white background

2. Supporting Documents

a. Income Tax Return
b. Residence Certificate (Cedula)
c. Any valid ID
d. Proof of Citizenship (for foreign sounding names)
e. Local clearances (Police, Court, Mayor)
f. Directorate of Intelligence Clearance (can be obtained from the local or provincial Police)
g. Drug test
h. Neuro test
i. Must have undergone Gun Safety Seminar – usually conducted by the National Range Officer Institute, the PNP, or any registered Gun club
j. Gun Club Certificate

3. For Private Employee – Certificate of Employment is required
4. For Businessman/woman

a. Copy of your Business name
b. Copy of Audited Financial Statement
c. DTI / SEC Registration

5. For Professionals

a. Professional Tax Receipt
b. Professional ID

6. For the men in uniform (PNP/AFP)

a. Enlistment Order
b. Appointment Order
c. Duty Status
d. Non-Pending Case Clearance
e. ID
f. Latest payslip
g. PC Form 3
7. For Government Employee/Offiicial
a. Appointment order
b. ID
c. Non-Pending case
d. PC Form 3

8. For Retirees

a. Copy of retirement order
b. Copy of Pension benefits received

So there you go. The list of documents that you need to produce. Plus your budget for your new toy. :)
NOTE: This will only allow you to have a license to own. You are not allowed to bring it, to transport it or put in your car or bags. You will need another license. A LICENSE TO CARRY is a different license. I’ll make another entry about that soon.

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