SOMETHING BIG AND FREE is coming out very soon!

Tonight we got a tip.  Something that will excite all Smart subscribers. Yes, it is a legit lead but there are some exciting qualifications that should be met.

One, you should be at least 18 years old to be qualified! Hmmm, is it something that is limited for adults only? It’s Big!

Two, you should have an active Facebook account! It’s FREE

Three, you should be a Smart subscriber, if not its time to rush to your nearest sari-sari store and get a Smart SIM card! It’s Big! Really big network!

Four, you should Like Facebook’s Smart Communications, Inc. page. It’s FREE!

Five, I have no complete idea. What I know is that they are coming up with something Big and Free!

Come back soon for updates!

  • harold

    ano kaya ito? may prices kaya? i-like ko na nga ung site nila baka manalo ako!

  • Lala Land

    Uuyyy! exciting to ah! Ano kayang libre to? 😀

  • spidey

    FREE SMART-Playboy Magazine? Haha. Wait and see!

    • iamsuper

      ok yun ha ung smart playboy magazine..for 18 y/o and above e..something BIG and free!

  • optimus

    Adults only?! bkit kaya? i will definitely join mukha interesting buti n lng Smart ang network ko!

  • Wence Wenceslao

    Love love love the new Smart campaign!!! What is it about? It really boggles my mind. Parang Inception lang ah. :))

  • Spidey

    9 days to go! Abangan!

  • bubbles

    maybe smart is throwing the biggest party! that would be cool!:)

  • spidey

    Walong tulog na lang!!!

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