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Philippine’s Mobile Prefixes | DigitalSpidey.com

Philippine’s Mobile Prefixes

Old Phones by celtnet.org.uk

In the 90’s the three (3) Telcos in the country –  Globe Telecom, Smart Communications and Express Telecom, were the only mobile phone providers.  Globe was the first to offer SMS in the 90’s immediately killing the Pager industry later. There were only three prefixes then.

by Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom is owned by SingTel and the Ayala Corporation.

Smart Communications

by Smart Communications

Smart Communications is owned by the MVP Group, currently they are the largest Telco in the country.

by Express Telecom

Express Telecom or ExTelcom was the first ever mobile operator in the country.

Because of the rapid growth of the mobile subscription business in the country, the prefixes  were added too to carry out the demand of the subscribers. To date there are about 30+ prefixes available for both Postpaid and Prepaid subscibers.

The table below shows the current prefixes. I have published this in the objective of guiding subscribers specially those who are subscribe to UNLIMITED SMS, UNLIMITED Voice Calls. The unlimited services was started by Sun Cellular, the company owned by the Gokongwei Group.

Prefix Table

Right now almost all of these Telcos offer different flavors of unlimited services. Like for me, my Globe Postpaid plan has SuperDuo activated, that makes me call any Globe and TM mobile numbers unlimited and also all landline numbers in the Metro.

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