Amanpulo – Aman Resort

Presenting to you, the Millionaire’s Island Resort in Palawan – Amanpulo.

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Photos courtesy of Gary Jaravata, our PM for IPG. Thanks man for sharing your photos.

BTW, he was participant of the recently concluded HP 2H-FY10 IPG Kickoff. This event is exclusively for corporate resellers.

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Yay! Thank you so much for your support! Mabuhay!
  • Gary


    I like the way you posted my Pictures.

    It’s once in a life time opportunity to a person like me with an average income to spent 3 days and 2 nights all expense paid by HP-IPG on a Millionaire’s Haven Island where sea and sky meet each other.

    Lucky thing was that, I was there with only Php 500 in my wallet. Where in the world a guy can spent on this kind of Island where he had only 500 bucks without expending it until he returned back where he came from.

    Now, I believed that “The Best things in Life are LIBRE”

    Gary J.

    • spidey

      Very lucky guy, indeed! Congrats and thanks for sharing your photos to DigitalSpidey

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  • Gary

    For me nothing comes close to this Resort… the beach… sand… the scenery… the sunset… the location… the casitas… and the crews around this Island… for me its 7stars accommodation…

    Whew!!! Hail Mother Philippines, gifted by such gorgeous Beaches, Islands and friendliest people on Earth… SARAP maging Pilipino…

    Huwag Maging Dayuhan sa Sariling Bayan…

    Gary J.

  • tats

    Wow,sarap nmn jan,ganda talaga sa palawan……..wish ko lng makapunta jan…

  • spidey

    ^Kay GaryJ ka didikit Tats, if you want to go to Amanpulo.. He holds the keys! Hehe.

    BTW, thank you for dropping by!

  • matutina

    definitely heaven!! but this one I can only afford in my dreams.. hehe.. :D

    Why naman po bloody red ang motif ng site mo? galit ka?? hehe, try forest green or something relaxing.. :) regards!!

    • spidey

      Hi Matutina, the site is currently on renovation mode.. back end is still busy reformatting everything… we will come up with a final layout and color in a bit!

      Thanks for coming!

  • Khaze

    Wow!!!! I’ve been to alot of beaches here in the Philippines. Marami din White sand beaches dito sa Davao, but this one in particular is extra ordinary! Ang ganda talaga. My wife and I would love to spend our honeymoon here. I’m going to put this as one of the best places on earth to go to on my lists.

  • Palawan Amazing

    i have always dream of going to this luxurious resort. how i wish aman would put up another resort in the philppines.

  • Palawan Amazing

    i have always dream of going to this luxurious resort. how i wish aman would put up another resort in the philppines.